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(GitHub-Flavored) Markdown Editor

2017-07-18         g3xx

(GitHub-Flavored) Markdown Editor

Basic useful feature list:

  • Ctrl+S / Cmd+S to save the file
  • Ctrl+Shift+S / Cmd+Shift+S to choose to save as Markdown or HTML
  • Drag and drop a file into here to load it
  • File contents are saved in the URL so you can share files

I’m no good at writing sample / filler text, so go write something yourself.

Look, a list!

  • foo
  • bar
  • baz

And here’s some code! :+1:

$('div').html('I am a div.');

This is on GitHub so let me know if I’ve b0rked it somewhere.

Props to Mr. Doob and his code editor, from which
the inspiration to this, and some handy implementation hints, came.

Stuff used to make this:

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